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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Today's Nevada news round up

Steve Sebelius on Raggio's retirement
The announcement has far-reaching implications for the upcoming Legislature, already presumed to be contentious because of Nevada’s budget crisis. Raggio pushed 10 years ago to expand the size of the Legislature as a hedge against growing population (and political power) in Southern Nevada, and it was generally assumed he’d push for that this time around, too. Surely, Raggio’s ability to cut a final deal at sessison’s end will be missed.

Anjeanette Damon was the first to break the news about Raggio and has done an excellent job getting information out. Follow her on twitter. From her blog:
For several sessions, Raggio's retirement had long been rumored as his political might began to wane in the wake of his support for several tax increases. Shortly after the election, his caucus ousted him as leader, ostensibly because of his endorsement of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid against Republican Sharron Angle. He also stepped down from the powerful Finance Committee, but had been expected to maintain a powerful negotiating position on budget issues and has been a key figure in calling for a tax increase to save state services from further cuts.

Raggio has held elected office for more than half a century.

The Gleaner takes Brian Sandoval and his "zombie economics"
Or as Gov. Brian Sandoval...chants in an unearthly tone while fellow soulless Nevadans wander aimlessly from one shiny/moving/warm object to another amid civilization's crumbling rotting remains, "no new taxes."

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