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Monday, January 24, 2011

Nevada's pathetic state

Residents of Nevada watched (some of us in horror) for nearly an hour as new Governor Brian Sandoval giggled and grunted his way through his first Sate of the State address.

Much will be said within the next 24 hours about the speech. Numbers crunched, facts checked, soundbites and rebuttals broadcast. I quickly want to get out what bothered me the most about the speech (and I want time to do more research on Michelle Rhee who was at the address and is apparently going to help fix our education system. I worry that our press corps will not accurately represent her body of work in DC. I've already seen some fuckery on facebook and twitter).

Okay, so....Governor Sandoval said in his State of the State address that government is not the answer to our problems. That is a generic, bumper sticker slogan intended for the base to react with seal-like clapping. If the Governor truly believed that, he wouldn't have worked in government his entire adult life. He would've started his own private business and helped the state that way.

Governor Sandoval said he will terminate 20 (TWENTY!!!) government agencies. Who knows how many more unemployed people that means, or what Nevadans will be forced to give up. However, by the end of the speech, Governor Sandoval announced the creation of three (3) new government agencies.

I know, right?

Government is not the answer and can not solve our problems, so I will expand government to help solve our problems.


For a re-cap of live-tweets and live-chat, go here: http://laurakmm.coverpage.coveritlive.com

We have some funny people on Twitter in Nevada. Thought it was interesting there weren't very many right wing tweet.


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