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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Joe Heck accepts government health care, for himself

Our new Representative from Congressional District 3 didn't want you to know if he'd accept government health care once elected, but now the cats out of the bag.

Delen Goldgerg of the Las Vegas Sun:

Rep. Joe Heck, in one of his first moves in Congress, opposed a measure that would have required members of Congress to disclose whether they will accept government health care.

Heck, in fact, will take advantage of the Congressional health insurance plan, his aides said.

Heck campaigned against your right to have the same quality, affordable health care that he now enjoys. And he's doing what his leadership says and fighting for the repeal of Affordable Care Act. A move that will cost Americans $230 BILLION.

Here's a reminder of how Joe Heck feels about Nevadans having health care: here's a screen grab from the Maddow show. That's Heck mugging for the cameras. Attendees shouted "white power", "Harry (Reid) is a whore" among other things.

Heck is associated with the radical Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. The group that believes HIV doesn't cause AIDS and abortions cause cancer. He headlined and helped to organize their anti health care reform protest on the Las Vegas Strip a year before the Affordable Care Act passed.

Because of Sharron Angle's crazy and what seemed like contempt for Dina Titus, Heck's own radical views and positions largely went ignored by Nevada's press. And now we will pay the ultimate price.

If you will be in Nevada the next couple of days and would like information on action being taken against Joe Heck's decision to try and repeal health care, please email me at the address below.


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