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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nine registered voters in Wade Wagner's household

This was sent to me earlier today. It's a voter data base screen cap of the nine registered voters in Wade Wagner's household. Either Wade's got a big house or--as was suggested to me by the sender--he's committing voter fraud by allowing people to register to vote using his address.

The only change I've made is editing out his home address:

Maybe those private detectives who staked out the Adriana Martinez residence(s) can pay a visit to the Wagners.

And going on right now in North Las Vegas, a meeting with state officials to discuss how completely fucked the once fastest growing city in the nation is.

Why didn't you hear about this meeting? Mayor Shari Buck apparently forgot to send out a release and there's nothing on the city's website when I checked early this morning. But she did remember to send out a press release announcing the swearing in of Wade Wagner, who also just happens to be her dentist and her husband also just happened to be a Wagner paid campaign staffer, who was never listed on campaign finance reports...which happens to be illegal.

But don't fret, you have another chance to hear from Mayor Buck and the council. Tonight at 6:00pm (July 20th) head down the the city hall on Civic Center and Las Vegas Blvd N. On tonight's agenda under "news business"? Mayor Buck is going to shut down all the recreation centers in North Las Vegas.

North Las Vegas is starting to resemble my hometown of Colorado Springs.

It's too bad Mayor Buck didn't put as much effort into being an effective mayor as she did trying to elect her dentist.


  1. You can't have that many people at any address in a master plan community in NLV. I may own my home but if I had that many voting age adults in my house the CC&Rs forbid more than 2 adults per bedroom.

  2. According to property records, Wade's house has 5 bedrooms and three full bathrooms.

  3. NLV Code allows for 70 ft per adult. What El Dorado requires may be different, but that's NLV code in general


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