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Monday, May 10, 2010


By Chris Miller

William A Pope May 3 at 5:14pm Report:
"You are welcome to be completely ignorant. I'll be boycotting Las Vegas as long as ignorant people there want to boycott Arizona. Nevada has a lot more to loose than Arizona does. Out of staters need to mind their own business."

William A Pope

When Arizona passed its new immigrant “Paper’s Please” law, I decided to voice my opinion thru facebook. I changed my facebook name to “Chris BoycottArizona Miller” and posted several stories about this law and an economic boycott encouraged by many other individuals and organizations as a protest to it. Shortly thereafter, I received the message above from William A. Pope.

For the record, I do not personally know Mr. Pope. He may have been a facebook friend prior to this message, if so, he has since de-friended me. Mr. Pope, like myself, is entitled to his opinions. I personally believe that the new Arizona law undermines the bedrock of justice in the United States by presuming guilt before innocence as it singles out a group of individuals in an unfair manor.

The issue that I do have with Mr. Pope and any Arizonan that tells “out of staters to mind their own business” is to practice what they preach. Last month, I went to the Arizona / Nevada border where I witnessed an endless stream of out of state cars, primarily from Arizona, come in to my state and spew lies and hate about my US Senator, Harry Reid. Mr. Pope, I do not recall seeing you at the border telling fellow Arizonans to stay out of Nevada’s business...Why not?

As far as the “ignorant” comment, I wish to ask the question…Why or how does voicing an opinion constitute a lack of knowledge? I am well-versed on this law and how it resembles the Gestapo tactics used against Jews and other minorities in Nazi Germany. I am appalled that in 2010, any person, let alone a whole state, can still think it ok to single out a group with such hate. No person is illegal!

So, Mr. Pope, as an American with immigrant ancestors, I will continue to voice my opinions thru a personal economic boycott of your state and I will also continue to use this blog, social media and any other means at my disposal to promote this boycott. I encourage all fair-minded Americans to join me.
We will not rest until this law is overturned!

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