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Friday, May 14, 2010


By Chris Miller
US Senator Larry Craig, Florida Congressman Mark Foley, California State Senator Roy Ashburn, Leader of the National Evangelicals Ted Haggard, the Catholic Church… the list could go on and on. What list? I am talking about a list of Republicans or right-leaning evangelical “leaders” or organizations that lived their life as hypocrites.
Numerous political figures have used the anti-gay rights issue to pander to their political base. Countless evangelical leaders and religious organizations have used the “homosexuality is a sin and is the reason for our moral decay” mantra for years. Both have used LGBT Rights as a “wedge” issue to scare voters.
Are we now turning the corner, or are Gay Republicans just being punked?
Here in Nevada we have had several LGBT issues brought to the state legislature for debate and vote. In the 2009 legislative cycle, two LGBT themed bills passed and became law, SB207 and SB283.
SB207, providing some citizens rights against discrimination in the form of public accommodations, passed the Nevada Senate by a vote of 19 – 2. The 2 no votes were Republican Senators Maurice Washington and Barbara Cegavske.
SB283, the Domestic Partnership bill, passed after a heated debate, and Governor Gibbons veto. The veto was overridden in the State Senate by a 14-7 vote. One of those voting no on both occasions, Republican Barbara Cegavske.

Nevada State Senator Barbara Cegavske

Ms. Cegavske recently attended an event hosted by a local LGBT Republican organization (yes, there is such a group). Ms Cegavske has demonstrated that she will not vote in favor of gay issues, but she will obviously shill for gay votes. Maybe this evangelical political figure has changed her beliefs? Maybe Gay Republicans are being falsely charmed to gain their support? I will leave that answer to you.

During a recent appearance on Orlando, Florida radio station WORL, Arizona Senate candidate J.D. Hayworth made the following comment during a conversation about gay marriage, “I guess that would mean if you really had affection for your horse, I guess you could marry your horse”

Arizona Senate Candidate J.D. Hayworth

Here is a picture of Mr. Hayworth at a Nevada Republican event attended by a member of a Nevada Republican LGBT organization. Did Republican Candidate Mr. Hayworth make the “marry your horse” statement to rally his base? Is he now backtracking to have the support of a community of horses? gays? Is he now in favor of gay marriage? Does anybody really know where JD Hayworth stands on LGBT rights issues?

Senator Cegavske and J.D. Hayworth are not the only current Republican candidates or elected officials who have shown up or schmoozed with the gays

US Senate Candidate Chad Christensen

For the record, in the 2009 legislative session, Assemblyman Christensen voted against SB207 (Public Accomodations) and SB283 (Domestic Partnerships). And my Republican friends tell me Mr. Christensen is pro-gay rights...Really?

Congressional Candidate Craig Lake

I did save the best for last. Lou "two-faced" Toomin changes political parties more often than most of us change underwear. Democrat, Republican, Democrat...which face is Lou wearing this election cycle? Maybe one of each. You see, Mr. Toomin is running in the Democratic Primary in AD 15, but here he is politicking for Republican votes.

AD 15 Democrat Candidate Lou Toomin at event hosted by Gay Republicans

Someone needs to tell Mr. Toomin that no matter how many times he changes parties, Republicans can't vote in the Democratic Primary and vice-versa.

So I ask the question, are all of these candidates in favor of LGBT rights? If elected, will they vote in favor of bills to protect LGBT Nevadans from Housing Discrimination? Employment discrimination? Will they support a movement toward the recognition of Marriage Equality?
Or are they just hypocrites saying or doing anything for a vote?
I say they are hypocrites and Gay Republicans are…
…just being PUNKED!

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  1. So what are you saying here? That Gays cannot be Republicans? Or that Republicans can not vote for Gay Rights? OMG!!! A gay person can want Less Taxes, Less Government, be Pro Guns and Pro Freedom? I don't know anyone gay or straight who doesn't want those things, (Except demoncrats!!!) So Gay people cannot want to have and spend their own money the way they want to? That's a bad thing? Most Gay people I know do not have illegitimate kids, need to be on welfare, nor do they want to pay for those that are on welfare or illegitimate kids!!! I think with that said I don't know why most Gay people are not Republicans as they have fiscally conservative values!!! It seems to me you are both bigoted towards Republicans, Christians and Gays people who are Republicans. As for Christianity, we never claim to be perfect, we are all sinners and will continue to sin, but the good news in all of this is Jesus still loves us and he died for all our sins, before we met him as well as every single one we commit after we found him all the way until we die and go to meet him!!! He even loves YOU!!!

    Victor the SnakeMannn


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