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Saturday, March 5, 2011

What the hell RORY?

News broke Friday that Rory Reid for Governor crew found some creative--albeit legal--ways to get some campaign cash that involved creating 91 (NINETY ONE!!? GOT DAMN RORY!) PACs:
In one of the most brazen schemes in Nevada history, gubernatorial candidate Rory Reid’s campaign formed 91 shell political action committees that were used to funnel three quarters of a million dollars into his campaign, circumventing contribution limits and violating at least the spirit – and maybe the letter – of the laws governing elections.

Reid, who was fully aware of what was done, essentially received more than $750,000 from one PAC – 75 times the legal limit -- after his team created dozens of smaller PACS that had no other purpose other than to serve as conduits from a larger entity that the candidate funded by asking large donors for money. Indeed, the shell PACs were formed in the fall and dissolved on Dec. 31, after they had served their short-term function, which was to help the candidate evade campaign contribution laws.

Tio Rory said he was playing by the rules: he sought legal council and received guidance from the Secretary of State's office.

But just because something is legal, doesn't mean you have to run out and do it (hey Rory, kinda referring to your dad's speech about hookers) especially if it feels wrong.

I was rooting for you Rory, we were all rooting for you! *rips up Rory for CD4 bumper sticker*

But I do have a question about the timing of it all.

Tio Rory claims to have gotten the okay from the Secretary of State's office beforehand.

He loses the bid for governor on November 2, 2010 (over five months ago) to Governor Brian Sandoval (which news agency will go through Sandoval's campaign finances I wonder? Don't hold your breath).

On February 28, 2011 Secretary of State Ross Miller again submits a campaign finance reform bill. Similar bills have been submitted by Secretary Miller. This bill faces some resistance from the right, especially from underfunded political parties who feel Secretary Miller is raising campaign filing costs and increasing the number of reports to shut them out.

The ACLU has claimed Secretary Miller's bill is a violation of the First Amendment.

March 4, 2011 news breaks that Rory Reid for governor formed a Megatron PAC

What better way to get bipartisan support for a campaign finance reform bill (similar ones have failed twice) than to make an example out of a Reid who took advantage of the state's weak campaign finance laws?

Interesting how things just seem to work themselves out.


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