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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I Had Meant To Say Was...

Nevada's mining industry had a bad day in the Nevada legislature Tuesday. State Senator Sheila Leslie's eminent domain bill is picking up some unlikely supporters. Freshman Republican senator Michael Roberson of Las Vegas made news when questioning Nevada Mining Association President Tim Crowley, but it was a blog on another freshman's website that caught my attention.

Elizabeth Halseth, a Sharron Angle/Sarah Palin Republican hybrid from Las Vegas, has a blog on her website that she claims she write, but I'm not convinced she does. Anyone who saw her on Face to Face (Part 1, Part 2) agrees with me. And word up north in Carson City, the questions she asks in committee are given to her by a conservative organization.

Halseth's website has scrubbed the original language after she was accused of hinting at a pay-to-play relationship with mining. The blog stated the mining industry will come to "regret" ignoring her. Fighting words!

Halseth attempted to clarify today by saying “They [the mining industry] didn’t take the time to talk and … meet with me. If I’m not informed about their side, how can I make a decision?”

In other words: "If you had just fed me your talking points and rhetoric, I would've repeated them ad nauseam. Didn't you see me on Face to Face?"

Halseth's tweet to hersef

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