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Friday, February 18, 2011

Jodi Stephens takes a break from disenfranchising voters and attacks unions

Having not been satisfied with going after the poor and people of color with voter suppression tactics, executive director of the republican senate caucus went after working Nevadans.

In a RT of the Reno-Sparks Chamber of Commerce, Jodi Stephens belittles Nevada's Labor Unions by suggesting (re: lying) they do not organize for education.

Jodi Stephens attacking unions

Thanks to republicans like Stephens, Labor Unions in Nevada *have* organized on behalf of education. If she took a break from supporting voter suppression (re: not creating jobs for Nevadans) she could Google and see many examples of unions having to lobby, march, rally, phone bank, canvass and organize because of her party.

Here are just two examples of union organizing I was apart of as a member of AFCSME Local 4041

UNLV students walk out

Let the protests begin: College students and teachers rally against budget cuts

And there are more to come. Former governor Jim Gibbons nearly choked the life our of our education system with drastic cuts. Current governor Brian Sandoval seems intent on finishing the job.

I am no longer a member, but I know AFSCME and other Labor Unions in Nevada will continue to organize, assist students and parents in organizing and partnering with the teacher's union and others to fight back against Jodi Stephens and the Senate Republican's attempt to gut our education system.


Someone sent this tip to me. They said she was Governor Gibbons Secretary, which is what I tweeted. Actually, she was his "executive assistant" then was promoted to "legislative director".

The story is on the Las Vegas Review Journal's website; I can't link/quote for obvious reasons. But, do a search for "jodi stephens" + "gibbons" + "salary" and its the first result (I could not find a Sun article).

Apparently, within the same year Ms. Stephens was feverishly working to take funding from education and cut the salaries of working Nevadans by 6%, she managed to DOUBLE her own salary to $103,382.

No wonder she was rejected by the voters of assembly district 32.


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