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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The College Republicans are full of shit

It goes without saying. I know.

A former Joe Heck staffer, who is in his mid-thirties, decided to enroll at UNLV after the campaign ended. As a sophomore he is now the new president of UNLV's college Republicans. Since his election, this student organization has launched a full-scale attack on Dina Titus. Complete with bird-dogging, a media campaign and website. How they find time to go to class between disrupting Dina's classes, harassing her in her office and tabling in UNLV's student center is a mystery.

What's also a mystery: they attack Dina for her salary and the fact that she teachers one class, yet they fail to mention that their own academic adviser is THE HIGHEST PAID FACULTY MEMBER at UNLV's College of Business, excluding the chair.

Associate Professor Ken Peffers raked in $173,376.54 (that's $67K more than Dina!) in 2009-2010 school year. And guess what? HE IS ON PAID LEAVE. You're mad Dina teaches only one class full of students? HE TEACHERS NO ONE and has no other assignments.

Why would College Republicans leave that out? Rumor has it they have no one else to advise them. I am told that no other professor will touch the group. And if they have no faculty adviser, they have no organization.

The UNLV college Republicans are nothing more than a Joe Heck re-election shadow campaign using up UNLV's resources and good name.




  1. Off topic: I miss your radio show.

  2. Aww, thanks! We appreciated having you as a listener. Unfortunately we just didn't have the time needed to put on a good show. It was something we all did for free and had other work commitments.

    But we've been talking about bringing it back soon!


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