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Friday, September 17, 2010



The Sausage Factory is for those of you who’ve grown tired of those who quote Glenn Beck and politicians who talk out of both sides of their mouths. Surely you’ve thought, “Gee, why isn’t there a show that mixes politics, entertainment. Gay crap and life all in one easily digestible package?”


In a world under attack by right wing whack jobs and boring people, two Gay guys (we are NOT together!) and a sassy, straight, light skinned Black girl bring you laughs and, hopefully, learn you something while we’re at it.

Join Chris Miller, Laura Martin and Derek Washington as they take you behind the scenes from DC to Hollywood to show you how life is made. That is if you’re brave enough to hear the truth, in The Sausage Factory.

This week’s guests are:

10:23 Peter Yacobellis with the week in New York politics and all the latest on his very special 50th Birthday party featuring Michelle Clunie & Lance Bass. He’s not 50? Really? Wow.

10:45 Ask a Tranny with Equality Nevada’s own Jane Heenan. And yes, this segment does have the catchiest theme song this side of Fresno.

11:00 Joseph Smith from Stonewall will tell us about the record number of LGBT candidates this year in Maryland. Can’t wait to find out what’s in the water there! And can we ship it nationwide?

11:26 Phil Attey answers the question, “can you be Gay and Catholic”? Openly, that is.

11:43 Nadine Smith gives us a peek inside the world of Marco Rubio, Kendrick Meeks and the newly Gay lovin’ Charlie Crist from her vantage point at Equality Florida. Maybe we’ll find out what’s in Charlie’s closet. Other than his beard…combs.

12:12 Mark Ebner is in the house to blow the lid off the pot ‘O scandal that’s brewing in Tinseltown and points far and near. Can’t wait to find out what’s inside Paris’s snatc..uh, bag of goodies these days.

12:28 J Webb with the latest in Sports. Poor JWebb, every week he thinks he’ll finally get Derek to understand the difference between a tight end and a good date. Hmmm.

12:40 Derrick Mathis brings a little color commentary from The Hills. Baldwin Hills, that is. Y’all come on down now, ya here?

Twitter Trenz is always “educational” with Laura “Light Skin” Martin leading us down the Rabbit hole to the land of twits.

The Sausage Factory. Four out five Ex-Gays agree, it’s the best place to start your relapse.

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