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Friday, August 12, 2011

Joan Walsh needs a reminder

Joan Walsh, former editor of Salon and MSNBC contributer, has been in a lot of trouble lately. From her embrace of the 'Professional Left', to trying to subdue and beat back Black Obama supporters and openly howling that someone (re: Hillary Clinton) would've been a better president than Obama.

This week she whined that it was the Obama campaign who "accused" the Clintons of attacks during the 2007/08 Democratic primary.

Miss Joan, no one has to "accuse" anyone of anything. Attacks on Obama's religion and teenage drug use are easily traced back to the Clinton campaign.

Lets take a trip down memory lane:

Hillary Clinton's campaign passes around this photo of then-Senator Barack Obama in traditional Somali clothing:

Hillary Clinton campaign co-chair accuses Obama of dealing drugs:

Hillary Clinton says Obama is not a Muslim "as far as I know."

Hillary Clinton campaign advisor accuses Barack Obama of being an affirmative action candidate:

Keith Olbermann had to put together a Special Comment to try and put a lid on the Clinton campaign dirty tricks:

Yes Joan, that's your girl, Hillary Clinton.

ETA: The original blog said Joan worked for The Nation, it's actually Salon. Thanks to Joan for pointing it out. I guess i'm on the list of mulattoes who disappoint her. At least I'm in good company :)

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