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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Governor Brian Sandoval welcomes Urban Outfitters and their legacy of racism and anti-semitism

On May 4th Governor Brian Sandoval "proudly tweeted" ("proud to" and "honored to" is Brian Sandoval's "this one time, at band camp" twitter tick) that Urban Outfitter's would be setting up an "internet fulfillment center" in Reno.

The gov claimed the 650 news jobs would come to Reno. But the reality is (Gov seems to have a problem with that) this "internet fulfillment center", aka warehouse, will provide maybe 150 full-time jobs and 650 temporary construction jobs.

150 jobs is better than no jobs. But why is Sandoval happy about gaining 150 when he plans on firing 7,000 teachers?

Also, why is Sandoval proud of a warehouse being built in his hometown by a company known for its racism and anti-semitism?

2003: Ghettopoly: Get your neighborhood addicted to crack, you earn $50. A parody of Monopoly labeled "racist" by the NAACP and African American clergy organizations.

2003: 'Everyone Love a Jewish Girl' t-shirt. Jewish girls are pretty awesome, but a t-shirt with that phrase, coupled with dollar signs caused the Anti-Defamation League to express "outrage and disgust" at this and other incidents of Urban Outfitters insensitivity. The shirts were discontinued.

Read a full list of products that were pulled from Urban Outfitters shelves. The company our governor is so proud of.

Is this what Nevada values?

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