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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Obama, Vick and journalists with nothing better to do

This morning Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein tweeted his disapproval of President Obama's phone call to the Philadelphia Eagle's owner. For background, check my post on This Week in Blackness.

It's hard to tell what Klein is upset about. His tweets and blog aren't too clear. Most of the anger directed at him was due to his garbled logic and lame defense. Klein seems to think that President Obama called the Eagle's owner to talk about Michael Vick, and the White House is lying when they say the president called to talk about the Eagle's move toward a clean energy stadium.

Candidate Obama promised innovation when it came to energy and the environment, but he's had a tough time building up Congressional support for his Cap and Trade energy proposal. President Obama has found an ally in Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie, and Lincoln Financial Field will be energy efficient by fall 2011; when Obama's re-election campaign comes to life. He'd be a fool not to reach out.

What evidence does Ezra have that he feels comfortable calling President Obama and the White House liars? It's a mystery he will never answer, but he managed to Google a few charts and is now thinking Obama should have fought to pass legislation to give felons a second chance.

Village Groupie (I can't remember who came up with that but *golf clap*) Ana Marie Cox weighed in on the faux controversy and provided an "anybody but Vick" argument. She claims that Vick isn't the best example to use for a rehabilitated criminal. Really? He's one of the most high profile dog fighters who has served his time and is successfully completing his process of rehabilitation. He's the perfect person to be made an example of.

Then Ana breaks off into a weird direction, claiming essentially that Black people love Michael Vick. Then gets a little wobbly, says Michael Vick's story means different things to different communities (translation: white people hate Vick, Black people love him. I hate when Obama reminds us that he's Black). Then she just gives up on the conversation.

Finally, Yunji de Nies of ABC News provides this banal report. She says the president "is a big believer in (Michael Vick's) comeback". She has no evidence that that claim is true. She reported President Obama has long been a supporter of giving felons (not just Michael Vick) second chances. Obama condemned the crimes Vick committed but praised the Eagles owner for allowing a felon to contribute to society again, despite his heinous crimes. It was an effort on her part to gin up controversy on an otherwise newsless holiday with the president in Hawaii.

ETA: How did I miss this dumbass tweet?


So now she's got a problem with people who don't have shelter dogs? Excuse Obama for seeking out a breed that won't cause his child to have an asthma attack. What is this bullshit? Is this real life? In the words of Obama "That's just how white folks will do ya"

The cultural arrogance is staggering.


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